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≪九州大学≫第4回 分子・物質合成ナノテクプラットフォームセミナー CRESTセミナー を開催します!

台湾の國立中央大學より Chung-JenTseng 教授をお迎えして、 セミナーを開催いたします。 多数ご参加いただけますよう、ご案内いたします。

Production of high performance and improved durability Pt-catalyst/ support for proton exchange membrane fuel cells using pulsed laser deposition

Chung-JenTseng 教授

Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) in Ar atmosphere is used to deposit Pt nanoparticle onto gas diffusion layer (GDL), and its application in PEM fuel cell is optimized and characterized. When used at anode side, with a Pt loading of 17 μg/cm2, the current density at 0.6 V in fuel cell test reaches 1100 mA/cm2, and the performanceisalmostthesameasthecommercialE-TEKPt/C catalyst with200μg/cm2Ptloading. Usingaccelerateddegradationtest,itisfoundthatthePLD sampleretains60%ofitsinitialECSAafter 5000 potential cycles, much higher than that with E-TEK Pt/C, which retains only 7 % of its initial ECSA. The higher electrochemical durability can be attributed to the higher degree of graphitization in the GDL, whichleadstoastronger bindingofthePtnanoparticlesontothecarbonsupport. When applying this technique to the cathode side, the current density at 0.6 V in fuel cell test reaches 1200 mA/cm2 with only 100 μg/cm2 Pt loading. The performance is close to the commercial E-TEK Pt/C, buttheamountofPtwasreducedby75%ascomparedwithE-TEKPt/C.

【日時】平成28年8月4日(木) 16:00~17:00
ウエスト4号館 物質系4番講義室 (W4-314)
【主催】・九州大学 分子・物質合成プラットフォーム
・CREST(中嶋 直敏)
【参加費】 無料
詳しくはこちらから第4回ナノテクセミナー(Prof.Chung-Jen%20Tseng,%20National%20Central%20University 台湾 ).pdf

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