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2015 1st Kyushu University Molecule & Material Synthesis Platform Seminar ( Jul. 11, 2015)

・Seminar Title
FC-CVD synthesis of non-bundled SWNTs with narrow chiral angle distribution for high quality flexible devices

Prof. Dr. Esko I. Kauppine 
Department of Applied Physics,
Aalto University, School of Science(FINLAND)

Abstract :
We report about the synthesis of high quality, narrow helical distribution single walled carbon nanotubes from CO with a ferrocene-based floating catalyst chemical vapor deposition (FC-CVD) reactor.

Date : 11th July (Sat.) 11:00
Place : Kyushu University Ito Campus
West Zone 4 Room #314 
Organizer:Kyushu University
・ Molecule & Material Synthesis Platform
・ Dept. of Applied Chemistry
Fee : Free
Contact : Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering
(Prof.Naotoshi Nakashima)
Phone: 092-802-2840

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