M&MS Platform

Molecule and Material Synthesis Platform

Japan's chemical and material industry regarding nanotechnology is outstanding compared to other industries. Therefore, it is essential to maintain and improve it for the scientific development of Japan and the industries based on science technology as well. Considering the current economic conditions and the need for reconstruction from the great earthquake, it is necessary to build a network facility for common use accessible nationwide so that promising researchers can keep doing their research without buying high-priced facilities on their own.

This platform provides comprehensive services including know-how sharing and data analysis as well as offering high-tech facilities required for the synthesis of nano and molecular substances no matter which school or institute the users belong to. In order to meet the needs of high-tech research in the span of 10 years, we will earn profit from not only open performance support, but also non-open performance support. As existing users start to get successful results, it will attract more users from all over the nation. Finally, a cluster will be formed for the high-tech synthesis of nano and molecular substances allowing us to support both our young supporters and users.

The Organization of Molecule and Material Synthesis Platform

From Hokkaido to Kyushu, the platform is available in the following 11 institutes: Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science And Technology, Shinshu University, Nagoya University, Nagoya Institute of Technology, National Institute of Natural Sciences, Osaka University, Nara Institute of Science and Technology and Kyushu University. They support neighboring universities, public institutions and private corporations by sharing their facilities.

In addition, they offer special custom made high-tech supports as well, which other institutes cannot afford to provide.

Fields of Support

Environment, Energy

The related technologies are applied for the development of fuel cells and solar cells and in the removal of toxic substances.

Electron, Information

Expectations are high for the development of high-performance future semiconductors, optical devices, and displays.

Medical Care, Biotechnology

Nanotechnology plays important roles in the development of drug-discovery technology, regenerative medicine, and DNA analysis.

Cosmestics, Food, Clothing

Cosmetics which easily penetrates your skin, food with efficient nutrient absorption, and sophisticated clothing become available.

Processing, Molding

Nano scale processing and molding indispensable for manufacturing precision machinery become possible.

Instrumentation, Measurement

The sophistication of measuring devices such as optical microscopes, X-ray diffractometer, and nuclear magnetic resonance devices has increased.

Precision Equipment, Components

The qualities of precision equipment and components have been enhanced; as a result, different kinds of products have become smaller and more energy efficient.

Fiber, Paper

Fiber such as carbon fibre and paper with a high antibacterial funciton have been invented.

Print, Paint

Hight definition printing techonogy with nanoparticles and paint with stain-resistant have been put into practical use.

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